Air: Nearest international airports are Marseille and Nice. Marseille is the closest, about an hour away. For Nice, Bandol is about three or four hours away and a very nice train or car ride, along the coast or through the Massif des Maures.

Train: Bandol is on the main train line from Paris, Marseille and Nice.

Those traveling through the Paris airport should check on the TGV (high speed train) connection which will bring you directly to Toulon or Marseille. There are a couple of trains a day from the Paris airport itself.

Car: There are generally two approaches to the general Bandol area . One, from Paris and the north, is via Aix-en-Provence and then the Maraeille-Toulon autoroute. The other from Nice and Italy is via the Nice-Aix autoroute, getting off at Le Luc for Toulon.

We will supply instructions on how to reach Bandol and the house.

A car is generally necessary both to see the region and to get around locally, since we are a mile or two out of town. There is a Europcar rental office in Bandol as well as various rental agencies in the airports and big towns. For those flying and then picking up a car, it is often advantageous to get the car as part of your flight package.
  Vineyard, on adjoining property